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Gallay has been built on the strong foundations of a highly skilled technical engineering team. We offer a full design and development service and work with OEM design engineers on projects from conception through to full scale production. Gallay regularly liaise with engine, transmission, fan and hydraulic component manufacturers, to develop complete engine power pack solutions, with Gallay designing and manufacturing the cooling modules. We offer the same service for HVAC products.

Gallay specialises in developing new product solutions and we do not work from a fixed catalogue, but work with our customers developing bespoke products which best serve their application. This principle could be applied to a unique specialist prototype or to a volume product typically of 5,000 units per annum. Gallay have the flexibility in design and manufacture to develop your product whatever the unit quantity.

Gallay have our own in-house thermal design software for our products which allows us to accurately size the cores for our coolers. We utilise our own in-house wind tunnel to validate and extend our thermal design software programme.

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Research and Development

R&D activities are focused on developing higher efficiency coolers in tighter space constraints. Using alternative materials, fin designs and cooler configurations, they are tested to find optimum performance points. We utilise our own in-house wind tunnel to perform series of tests. We work to optimise high performance, high efficiency cooling cores which will benefit our customers as ever increasing demands are placed on engine performance and emissions.

Gallay are also working with key supply partners to develop optimum airflow solutions. An area of Gallay expertise is high airflow, high static pressure airflow solutions which are married to our high performance cooling cores. These are especially effective in military applications.

Gallay are developing a range of self contained air conditioning systems. These are driven by their own engine and can offer compressor drive, alternator drive (electrical power output option), pump drive and so on. Available in a range of 12V and 24V options which can include or exclude the evaporator, battery, fuel tank, fuel pump, and condenser.

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Product Design, Development and Project Management

We have a team of engineers who are available to work with new and existing customers. We specialise in developing products with OEMs. Each engineer has access to our thermal product design software and each station has 2D & 3D CAD (2D AutoCAD, 3D SolidEdge, and able to communicate with any IGS or STP files). Gallay can perform the sizing of the heat exchangers against your design parameters or engine information. Our manufacturing is flexible and can facilitate small production runs of bespoke products up to full scale volume production orders. Our engineers bring years of heat exchanger design experience and have access to the modern engineering tools such as CFD and FEA. Our engineers will develop a solution which is suitable for the specific application taking into consideration all the vehicle and operating conditions. Gallay can support the customer through the complete design and development project management phase, and are well versed in the use of FMEA, PPAP, and APQP.

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Testing and Product Development

Gallay will work in conjunction with our customers in product testing and validation. We have certain facilities in-house and also access to additional facilities within our supply chain. Gallay also make regular use of several fully independent test houses. Performance testing, thermal and fluid dynamic characteristics, burst pressure, cycle pressure, thermal cycle, vibration, shock, environmental chambers, chemical analysis and fracture analysis are all services we have undertaken.

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Tooling Design

Gallay can work with our customers when specific designs are required and we can achieve the required parameters while still maintaining the integrity of the cooling module for the particular application. Our factory is equipped with modern CNC machinery which enables us to manufacture a large range of tooling in-house. We also have well established supply lines in aluminium foundries and plastic part manufacturers. Gallay also draw on the tooling experience within the G&M Group, where G&M Radiators have developed their business largely on their tooling expertise.

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